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Some performances on the couch and at a park by the Maribyrnong River. Including some footage of me driving on Sandown Racing Circuit and more.


Starting with my two TV performances-

Hey Hey It's Saturday's (Red Faces) performance 1986

"Love Me Tender" performance 1994 My now 11-year-old and retired buddy Mr Weylin, played a small part as Shane Jacobson's Guide Dog, in the six part web satirical series, "Welfare."

Also stars it's creator Laura Jane Emes & Steve Bastoni.

Watch the trailer.

Recent Original Instrumentals.


These next three are my original instrumentals to be part of my next album available later this year.


Twenty Twenty

& A Garden Stroll.


A recent video of one of my older pieces.

Le Cafe Elegant - (Home Version)

Maribyrnong River Performances.

These following six videos were performed by the Maribyrnong River in Aberfeldie back in June, 2013.

They are all my own material from my Cheyenne album.

Starting with-


Cocktail Sunset
Le Cafe Elegant


Out & About Videos.


Watch as I blow out candles during my 50th Birthday celebration, with High Tea at the elegant

Austen Tea Rooms Essendon.


A glimpse of Michael Gonthier's Shredd Studios during the making of my Happiness Express album, back in 2014.

Michael Gonthier's Shredd Studios.


Want to watch me drive? Watch as I drive on to

Sandown's Racing Circuit

Reaching 100KM

& 140KM.

Mr Weylin slips as I hit the brakes!


In November 2006, my second buddy, Mr Kyros and I, visited the school where he was raised by his Puppy Raiser Jackie.

Watch the School Visit.

Kyros on the Totally Wild TV program.

Visiting the old Steels Creek farm near Yarra Glen, January 2015. The old house and sheds long gone during the February, 2009 fires.

Front Entrance

& Side View.

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