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First Guitar & First Television Appearance!

I received my first guitar from my parents at about age 7 and a second at 12 by a Chilean, traditional folk dancing group.

A third guitar was given to me by a friend on my 15th birthday, September 1984.

However, it wasn't till June 1985 that I started guitar lessons for 3 months.

Exactly 12 months later, September 5th 1986 and aired the following night, I found myself performing on national television on Hey Hey It's Saturday's (Red Faces) segment.

Watch my Red Faces performance.

Band & Live Performance Recording!


In 1987 I joined a band as a guest singer called Syndrome.

Performing at weddings, birthday and dinner functions.

Listen to our performance of Johnny B Good.

Second Television Appearance!


December 1994 found me performing on television once again, but as Alfonso Rufatt on this occasion, on the talent show, Pot Of Gold.

Watch my Pot Of Gold performance.

Cheyenne relaxing on the couch

Writing & Recording!


In the early 1990s, I started writing my own material and recorded my first album in 2008 titled Cheyenne, after my daughter.

In 2014 I recorded my second album,

Happiness Express, (Spotify)
and in 2021,

Cheyenne Plus, (Spotify.)
An album consisting of 7 rerecorded tracks from the original 2008 Cheyenne album, (Plus) 3 new tracks.

My 2 Most Recent Recordings!

In March 2023, I recorded 2 instrumental singles, now available on Spotify etc.

Jill, (Spotify)& La Rubia, (Spotify).

Streaming, Downloading & CDs!


Stream my albums by telling your Smart Device,

play "Cheyenne Plus album", "Happiness Express album", "Jill by James Rufatt" & "La Rubia by James Rufatt".


Stream from,


Apple Music

& Amazon Music.

Purchase CD copies from my,

Cheyenne Plus shopping cart,

& Happiness Express shopping cart.


Both albums and my "Jill" & "La Rubia" instrumentals, can also be streamed from,

YouTube Music.

Future Plans!


Currently, I'm slowly working on writing material for the next album, which will include my recently released, "Jill" & "La Rubia" singles.

Also, 2024 marks my 2014 Happiness Express album's 10th Year Anniversary since it's release! Yay!

So I plan on re-recording the whole album to celebrate the occasion!

My other musical pursuits go on as usual, such as entertaining on Puckle Street and possibly returning to entertaining at private functions, restaurants etc.

I also upload the occasional home video performance on my website here and my socials.

Such as my recent covers of,


Green Green Grass Of Home

Blowing In The Wind.

As well as my guitar cover of,

Over The Rainbow.

Watch more videos at,

Video Performances.


Stay updated with the next video upload and latest news through my socials.




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