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Search or tell your smart speaker,

Play, "Cheyenne Plus album", "Happiness Express album", "Jill by James Rufatt" & "La Rubia by James Rufatt".

Or a simple, "Play James Rufatt music".

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My lovely daughter Cheyenne

Cheyenne with her cat Lola

Television & Video Performances!

Watch my two Elvis television performances as a 16 & 25 year old with plenty of groovy hair on

Hey Hey It's Saturday's (Red Faces) 1986

& Pot Of Gold 1994.

Reduce your blood pressure with my more recent guitar cover of the classic,

Over The Rainbow.

Watch my cover of Bob Dylan's,

Blowing In The Wind.

The beautiful classic,

Green Green Grass Of Home.My butt dancing Ricky Nelson version of,

Hello Mary Lou.

My slow blues version of Elvis's,

That's Alright Mama. Jerry Lee Lewis,

Whole Lotta Shakin' Goin' On.


Watch more performances at my

Video Performances Page.

Radio Plays!


Listen to 20 minutes of highlights from Bill Kirk's final broadcast May 2, 2024, after 19 years at Sunbury Radio on his,

(Breakfast Coffee Niche) Program.

I was honoured to have Bill play 3 of my tracks on his final program, signing off for the last time with,

Search, "Adios by James Rufatt" to stream on Spotify etc.

Listen as my Happiness Express was used as a promo to (now discontinued) 3BBR's Greg King's,

(The Millennium Drive) Program.

Search, "Happiness Express by James Rufatt" to stream on Spotify etc.
From my 2014 Happiness Express album, 96.5 InnerFM's Geoff Putnam plays,

Aphrodisiac Blues.

Search, "Aphrodisiac Blues by James Rufatt" to stream on Spotify etc.

From my 2021 Cheyenne Plus album, 3BBR's Greg King plays,

Twenty Twenty.
Search, "Twenty Twenty by James Rufatt" to stream on Spotify etc.

Listen to more radio plays and interviews at my,

Radio Presentations YouTube Playlist.


From The Archives!

Listen to my 1992 studio cassette recording of,

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow?
A 1987 live cassette recording with band Syndrome singing,

Johnny B. Goode.

Listen to more older recordings at my,

Cassette Archives Page.

To My Puckle Street Regulars & CDs!


Listen to occasions when radio presenters Greg King and Bill Kirk mention my entertaining on,

Puckle Street Moonee Ponds.
Thank you to my regulars for your on going support and feedback on my Happiness Express & Cheyenne Plus albums. Especially during these high cost of living times. It's a real privilege being part of your lives through my music.

Be sure to get your own CD copies of my 2 albums when you see Mr Ivor and I entertaining on Puckle Street next. Or purchase my albums here from my,

Cheyenne Plus shopping cart,

& Happiness Express shopping cart.

May all your rides be aboard the Happiness Express!

Thank Yous!

Thank you to Guitar God and sound engineer, Michael Gonthier for the use of his Shredd Studios and magic touch to my Happiness Express, Cheyenne Plus albums, Jill & La Rubia singles.


To Francesca Carra from Creative United for designing the graphics on both my Happiness Express, Cheyenne Plus albums, Jill and La Rubia singles.


To Danni Trajkovski from DAZE Photography for taking photos of Cheyenne and I for the Cheyenne Plus album cover and my image on the headed banner here.





Thank you to on-air presenters,

Bill Kirk - Sunbury Radio (Retired May 2 2024),& Greg King - 3BBR.

Both playing my music over 10 years now!

Appreciate your support gentleman.

"When you sing along with me, that's where I will be." Lyrics from

Music Box.

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