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These are cassette recordings as far back as 1987.

Including a Recording of a song written for me and performed by Joanne Fordham Who wrote it, during a National Braille Music Camp back in July 1989.

These are well over 20 years old and in some cases, over 30. So the quality may not be top-notch, but reasonable.

Starting with a piece written and performed by Joanne Fordham called

Face & Name (July 7, 1989)

Thank you Joanne!


These following recordings were made in 1998.

Creedence Clearwater Revival's

Lodi (1998)

Elvis Presley's

That's All Right Mama (1998)

Mystery Train (blues version 1998)

These are from a more gentler recording session on October 10, 1998.

Starting with one of my own very early pieces written, June 1993 and is now part of my 2021 album,

Cheyenne Plus.

A Rainy Night (October 10 1998)


John Denver's

This Old Guitar (October 10 1998)

This song has special meaning for me as it evokes occasions of my own guitar having introduced me to friends while playing on Puckle Street through the years.


Always nice having the regulars stop for a chat and perhaps arrange a time to catch up at a cafe.



Mr. Bojangles (October 10 1998) 

A live performance from 1987 with the band Syndrome.

The band's lead singer Lewis, often referred to me as "Jaime Boy" as you'll hear at the end.

Incidentally, he also was cousins with twin brothers James & Vince Leigh from the 80s band Pseudo Echo.

Johnny B Goode (Live Syndrome band performance October 1987)

Watch two television appearances and more recent

Video Performances.