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My thanks to the following people for each playing a part in making my new Happiness Express album the reality it is today!



Thank you to Michael Gonthier and the use of his Shredd Studios!

Working with you was lots of fun and look forward to working with you again!



Thank you to Sacha Bryning for the great job on the illustration for the Happiness Express album cover!

Your gift in your art is amazing!



Thank you Francesca Carra from Creative United who designed and printed the Happiness Express CD and for setting up the album on iTunes.



Thank you to Jackie for double checking spelling, grammar and lyrics on the CD. Anything we may have

missed is completely my responsibility.


Thank you also for your suggestions and assistance in creating this website, back in 2008 and the many hours taking pictures.


A big thank you to my Puckle Street regulars who have made it possible to fund and produce a high quality album and further demonstrated your support when purchasing a copy.




 To the memory of my Granny, Ana Ibanez (1926-2008). Someone who always showed appreciation for my music. She took pleasure in listening to anything I played. A constant inspiration, who encouraged me to do my best.
Missing you and your wisdom.
My instrumental piece
from my Happiness Express album, is my tribute to her memory. She can be heard cheering and clapping at the end.
My Granny.